About Attorney Jodee L. Scott

Jodee L. Scott  was raised in Anchorage, Alaska in a blue collar family that knew the value of the dollar and hard work.  She earned a volleyball scholarship to the University of Tennessee, (the other UT,) and went to law school at the University of Oregon, where she was the President of the Student Body and earned her mediation certification.  Jodee has conducted numerous mediations over the last 15 years and has introduced peer mediation programs to several schools at all levels:  elementary, middle and high schools.  

Licensed to practice law since 2005, Jodee has worked in Oregon and Mississippi, prior to settling down and starting her family in the beautiful hill country of Central Texas.  Jodee has been lucky to work with amazing attorneys that have trained her in numerous areas of law.  She has a wide berth of experience and is excited to be a one-stop law firm that can help you with all of your legal needs.

In her free time, Jodee loves exploring all Central Texas has to offer with her husband and three children.  She coaches youth volleyball and volunteers in her community.

Best Value for Your Dollar

Because Jodee understands the value of the dollar, she will work to resolve your problem in the most cost-effective way possible.  Besides being a strong and experienced litigator, Jodee specializes in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and is skilled in negotiation, mediation and preparing for and conducting arbitrations.  

Not every problem needs to go through costly litigation.  After a thorough discussion with you about your legal problems, Jodee will sit down with you and discuss all of your options and the potential cost of each.  If there is a resolution to be reached, Jodee will work to make it happen.

History of Success

Not every case can be settled and if you are on the road to litigation, you want Jodee on your side.  She has been to trial many times with a history of success.  She is a strong litigator who is mindful that this is your case and keeps you informed every step of the way.  She is a caring counselor and a fierce advocate.  She is timely, organized, prepared, and will fight for your cause until the very end.