Mediation Services

Attorney Jodee L. Scott has been a certified mediator since 2002, and has successfully conducted numerous mediations since that time.  It takes a long time and is very costly to get to trial; mediation is a great alternative to stressful litigation

What is it?  Mediation is when both parties sit down with a neutral party (the mediator) to see if they can resolve their legal issues.  The mediator conducts meetings with both parties individually and together in order to find if there is a solution that can be met where both parties can walk away somewhat satisfied and with a lot more money in their pockets.  

Mediation is very powerful because it allows both parties to be heard and to resolve some grievances that are not always allowed to be heard during court proceedings.  Relationships, while not always completely repaired, are usually improved by the process of mediation.

Jodee has successfully mediated many family law disputes, from divorces, to custody modification and disputes over elder guardianships.  She has also successfully mediated many business disputes of all types, disputes between contractors and subcontractors, issues between a school district and employees, and employee civil rights complaints, among other things.

 We have half and full day mediation appointments available and have some appointments on weekends.

If you think mediation may be right for you, please contact us and we can start the process of getting you on the road to resolution as soon as possible.